Benefits using Caretex liner

Your Benefits when using a Caretex Container Liner are:


  • A safe and hygienic transport method.
  • Contamination free bulk shipping - Our liners equipped with patented airbags makes it possible to load and unload in a closed system.
  • A liner approved for transportation of foodstuffs.
  • Total cost reduction regarding freight, labour, packaging waste and cleaning cost.
  • Increased loading capacity – Our special hanging system allows more bulk commodities to be loaded into the container.
  • Environmental friendly - Our PE Liners are 100% recyclable.
  • Easy to install.


Our hanging system for the liner is simple and easy to use.

One man in 15 minutes and your container is ready for loading.

In addition to the benefits you obtain by using a Caretex liner – you can also benefit from Caretex Customer Care Management concept:

  • You get a liner optimized to your loading system and your customers' unloading system.
  • We offer professional world wide receiver care and training in installation of liner.
  • Experts can assist you in designing most suitable and efficient loading systems.
  • Well-documented drawings and specifications of your liner.