PE 1011 Triangle shaped bulkhead container line


Suitable for :

Sugar or bulk cargo of high density.

PE 1021 Full Access cargo liner

Suitable for :

Skin/ hides and cargo on pallets.

PE 2010 Top fill container liner

Suitable for :

Dry bulk products being loaded by gravity into containers with top hatches.

Bulk Container Liners – Overview

Caretex container liners are designed for multiple purposes.

Please find your preferred Container Liner below, or combine the features of the various liners to create your own custom made container liner.

PE 1012 Premium airbag container liner (Patented)

Suitable for :

Plastic resin/granules and other products where effective protection against contamination is demanded.

PE 1012 AluPET Premium airbag container liner (Patented)

Suitable for :

Plastic resin/granules/ powder and other products which demand moisture content control, and odour protection.

PE 1012 Dry Liner with airbag (Patented)

Suitable for :

Granules or powder which demand moisture prevention.

PE 1002 Zipper loading gate container liner

Suitable for :

Fish meal, bone meal, malt, coffee beans, cacao beans, food stuff for animals.