Caretex Profile - Dry bulk transport



Caretex was established in 1990.
Caretex is a global liner supplier and our services are available worldwide.

The main activity in Caretex is fabrication of Container Liners for Dry Bulk Transport in ISO standard containers.
Caretex is one of the leading manufacturers of advanced liners for container transport of bulk products on the global market.
Through its own sales organization and its network of agents, Caretex provides products and worldwide services which ensure customers optimal benefit when using container liners.
Due to unique product design and thorough know-how about bulk handling, Caretex holds global patents to technical solutions, which present our customers with a strong and competitive business partner.


Our assortment consists of various kinds of liners, made to match individual bulk characteristics, loading methods, and unloading facilities.
We fabricate liners for 20', 30' and 40' containers for transporting dry bulk products such as:
  • Plastic pellets/resins/granules
  • PTA and PVC powders
  • Synthetic rubber pellets
  • Carbon Black powder
  • Cement
  • Starch
  • Alumina powder
  • Fish meal, Bone meal
  • Sugar, Beans, Flour, Salt, Rice
  • Malt
  • Palletized Cargo/Wet Hides

Product Management:

All products are fabricated according to our customer's specifications and demands concerning - quality of raw material, product durability, functional design and conformity.

Product development is a close co-operation between customers, end users, internal staff, and external specialists within specific product related areas.

We consider product quality and development as our major competitive force. Our ability to transform customer needs into functional and cost effective products are skills we have developed simply by keeping track with the latest innovation within raw materials and by using modern, and up-to date production technologies.

We manufacture our liners at our wholly owned and controlled subsidiary plants in Thailand under extreme clean conditions.

The unique consistent Caretex liner quality is documented in our Quality Management Systems for which we have gained accreditation to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 statuses, by the certification Body of TÛV SÛD Management Service GmbH.