General about container liner

Caretex is the innovative and quality concerned producer of bulk container liners, used for transporting of free-flowing dry bulk materials in ISO standard containers.

Install our container liner in any standard ISO container box and it is instantly converted into a dry bulk transport vessel. Using liners for bulk transport is the most cost-effective transport concept and the logistic and economically advantages are impressive.

Container with unloading system

Caretex offers 20', 30' and 40' liners made to our customers' requirements.

We design a container liner optimized to your loading system and your receivers unloading facilities.

Each liner design is well supported by documented drawings and specifications.

Unloading container

Container liners are custom made from multi-layer, co-extruded polyethylene film containing a mix of LDPE and LLDPE for high strength and durability.

Caretex container liners are offered with various types of bulkhead design for the sake of meeting our clients' individual loading and unloading requirements.

For safety reasons Caretex liners are designed to feature unloading with one container door closed. A bulkhead of metal bars and reinforcement of bulkhead with heavy duty woven polypropylene fabric makes any wooden structure or cardboard constructions redundant.

Container unloading with one container door closed for safety reasons