Handling equipment for loading and unloading container liners

Unloading equipment:


Caretex offers a true closed contamination and dust free patented discharge system, which includes an unique lightweight discharge spout which easily can be mounted on the container.

Equipment for unloading containers

Caretex discharge spout:


The discharge frame is mounted to the container by attaching the frame to the two lower cam keepers.

Caretex discharge spout

The discharge spout is mounted to the frame. Discharge tube of the liner is pulled through the discharge spout and folded around it.

Discharge spout mounted to the frame

The counterpart is connected to the discharge spout. The discharge tube of the liner is being fixated between the two parts.

The counterpart is connected to the discharge spout

Connect the end of counterpart to the flexible hose for discharge.

Connect the flexible hose for discharge

The hatch placed on top of the discharge spout is opened and the closing strap mounted on the liners discharge tube is removed to start product flow.

Start of product flow from container

Now the container is ready to be tilted. Stepwise tilting is recommended.

Stepwise tilting of container

When container is fully tilted and the flow of bulk product stops, it's time to inflate the airbags.

Fully tilted container

When the airbags are inflated it will move the remaining bulk product inside the liner towards the discharge tube.

Emptying container liner by inflating airbags

When both airbags are inflated there will be no remaining bulk product left inside the container liner.

No bulk product will be left inside the container liner

Empty container.

Empty contaioner liner