PE 1012 Premium airbag container liner (Patented)

Suitable for: Plastic resin/granules, free flowing powders and other products where effective protection against contamination is demanded.

As one container door can remain closed during the entire unloading process, this liner shall be used when the highest safety factor during unloading is required.


Made for 20’, 30' and 40' containers.
For 20' liner: 2400 x 2400 x 5900 mm.

Co-extruded 3-layer Polyethylene(PE)
150 -200 microns(6-8 mil), FDA approved

Reinforcement bulkhead Polypropylene (PP) coated.

Horizontal loading through loading tube in bulkhead, using pneumatic systems.


Connect discharge tube with Caretex patented discharge spout . Connect flexible hose and tilt the container. Transfer of bulk to silo is done by using gravity/air, a pump or pneumatic system. Use the liners' air bag facility when the pellets/resins are no longer free flowing out of discharge spout to easily remove the residual product remaining at the bulkhead corners. This is done WITHOUT the operator's manual intervention, thus eliminating any risk of material contamination.

Caretex discharge spout and inflatable liner airbag system are both patented and together constitutes a true closed contamination and dust free discharge system.

For safety reason, this liner has been designed enabling unloading with one container door closed during the entire unloading process.

Retention of bulkhead:

This liner shall be used in connection with 5 steel bars mounted in fixation straps at the container door opening (bulkhead).

PE 1012 Premium airbag container liner

Unloading of a PE-1012 liner with air bags. Patented

unload_container_liner-1.jpg unload_container_liner-2.jpg unload_container_liner-3.jpg
Discharge spout is mounted on container Hose is connected to discharge spout Container is tilted and transfer system is started
unload_container_liner-4.jpg unload_container_liner-5.jpg unload_container_liner-6.jpg
Unloading almost finished Air bags are inflated Liner totally empty - no residual products

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