PE 1016 Fluidizing Jet-Flow™ liner with shaped discharge tube (Pat. pend.)

Suitable for: Hard flowing products.

The Jet-Flow™ consists of a perforated semi-rigid tubing positioned inside the liner in specific areas. The free end of these tubes located outside the liner is connected to pressurized air (or other gas) source throughout the unloading. The perforation made in the pipes will spray air jets up to 20cm from the hole in the tube.


Using a liner equipped with Jet-Flow™ Fluidizing System increases the range of products being suitable for transport in a dry bulk liner. Discharge of products which can be fluidized becomes as easy as any other free flowing products.


The Jet-Flow™ system can also be used to reduce the discharge time for “hard to flow” products that are currently being shipped in dry bulk liners.


Made for 20' , 30' and 40' containers.
For 20' liner: 2400 x 2400 x 5900 mm.

Discharge tubes are made according to customers requirements; fishtail shape or mail box.


Co-extruded 3-layer Polyethylene(PE)
150-200 microns(6-8 mil), FDA approved

Reinforcement bulkhead Polypropylene (PP) coated.


Horizontal loading through loading tube in bulkhead.


Connect discharge tube with wide "fishtail" shaped discharge spout or other suitable discharge equipment. The container is tilted, and transfer of bulk to silo is done by using gravity/air, pump or pneumatic system.

Retention of bulkhead:

The liner shall be used in connection with retention bars, mounted at the container opening (bulkhead).


PE 1016 Fluidizing Jet-Flow™ liner

To use Jet-Flow is as simple as "plug and blow"


The connection tubes are easily accessible outside the liner.


The connection tubes are connected to pressurized air or other gas source.


Discharge of products which can be fluidized becomes as easy as any other free flowing products.


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