Unloading container liner

How to unload


Example 1

Unloading by pumping into a silo
  Example 2

Direct unloading by pumping into a silo truck
  Example 3

Unloading by pumping into a silo via tilting platform
Unloading container by pumping into a silo or into a silo truck unload_container_liner-b.jpg unload_container_liner-c.jpg
unload_container_liner-1.jpg unload_container_liner-2.jpg
Discharge spout is mounted on container Hose is connected to discharge spout
unload_container_liner-3.jpg unload_container_liner-4.jpg
Container is tilted and conveying system is started Unloading almost finished
unload_container_liner-5.jpg unload_container_liner-6.jpg
Airbags are inflated Liner is totally empty - no residual products